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...Thanks for bringing such a great product to New Zealand.  I have
Polycystic Ovaries and as a consequence suffer from hirsutism (excess
facial hair) due to the hormonal imbalance.  I have tried 'everything'
over the years to get rid of the excess hair.  Laser (ineffective and too
expensive), electrolysis (too expensive and painful), waxing (waiting for
hairs to grow to correct length in between waxings defeats the purpose!
and it made my skin red and sore for hours afterwards), and hair removal
creams (leaves me with skin sensitivity and a red rash).  I even resorted
to shaving - bad choice - stubble is not a good look or feel on a woman!).
 Thank goodness for Epicare!  I have been using it every second day and my
chin and upper lip is smooth and hair free.  It takes no more than a few
minutes and it removes even the tiniest of haris that even I can not see.

Apart from making my eyes water the first time I used it, I have now got
the hang of it; and it's simple.  I no longer feel self conscious about
people getting up close to me in case they see my facial hair.  It has
given me new confidence!

Once again, thanks

Kind regards
Kerry, Waitakere

... I have found the epicare "wand?" just the thing I needed to keep those stray hairs, that somehow find their way to the most unbecoming places, from taking over my face. Very quick & easy to use, with a minimum of fuss.
Thanks Kim
Luv, Jude, North Shore

... It appears that I was one of the lucky ones that you gave a sample of the Epicare product to, and Iím so glad you did. As a Beauty Therapist I think itís a wonderful in-between product because even with waxing you get the odd stray hair and your wonderful product is there to aid in the removal of these unsightly things (especially on your face) and you donít have to have good eye sight to use it. I also think that because it is a manual gadget and it is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere anytime and if you do find a hair (God forbid) on your face while you are out, you can just nib out and find a private place and use it, you donít even need a mirror. I am still using mine constantly and I thank you for giving me the product.

I will definitely purchase another one if I lose this one (or someone steals it) Yes I have had some of my friends ask where they can purchase these from.
Jackie, West Auckland

... Epicare is easy to use, efficient and very economical!
Sue B, East Coast Bays

... Its holistic, non invasive. I take my health seriously and I don't want to apply harsh chemicals to my skin. Epicare is perfect for me.
Rachael, Birkenhead

... This is great! A bit tender on the upper lip, but not unbearable and really effective.
Eva, Torbay

... Unwanted hairs on my face were making me really miserable and my confidence was suffering. I tried waxing and hair removal creams but these made my skin feel irritated and the hair would start to grow back after a couple of days. I can't believe how wonderful it is to find that Epicare really works. From the first time I used it my skin felt comfortable and smooth and now I use it everyday as part of my grooming routine.
Patricia, Birkenhead

... As I suffer with very sensitive skin, it is wonderful to find a product that does not involve chemicals or wax, which left my upper lip very irritated and sore. I have had no skin reactions after using your
product. The Epicare wand is very quick and easy to use and is inexpensive, which is very important to me as the mother of young children.
Melanie, Birkenhead


Epicare - for facial hair removal

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